Man Gets Herpes From Tinder Hookup, Sues

This Guy Is Suing A Tinder Hookup Who Gave Him Herpes. Ouch for everybody.

It takes a special sorts of shagged doing sit concerning your STI standing, and one in Las vegas, nevada is suing his Tinder day for doing just that. Per AU News “someone in particular” (while he is known in court documents) is actually suing a Hollywood Producer after the two met on Tinder, boned double, then Doe found he previously contracted vaginal herpes.

The person is suing his day for $10,000 for discomfort and problems, which seems high — before you realize herpes has a stigma inside our culture very nearly as lurid and uneducated as HIV. The land becomes delicious when the court papers reveal that prior to shagging, the guy had expected his lover if she had a condom, to which she mentioned she could not become pregnant. Plus, she told him she had been disease-free, which hits brand-new, illegal levels of unchill whenever you actually do have an STI.

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No term yet on in the event the guy will win his case, but i believe each of us discovered a really important lesson here: usually use a condom as soon as you meet some body through an internet dating app — and don’t be a penis and lie regarding your status.